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Learn about Lobsters and the lingo used when discussing catching, cooking and eating Lobsters.  Buy RI Lobsters Today!

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Lobster Lingo - Learn all about Rhode Island Lobsters

If you're a lobster lover, learn the lobster lingo:

A female lobster. 

Slang for lobster. 

A lobster missing one or both claws. 

A lobster missing both claws 

Lobsters can regenerate legs, claws, and antennae. In fact they can amputate their own claws and legs (autonomy) to escape danger. The term 'amputate' can be in the passive sense as well. I've seen a lobster spontaneously drop a claw for no apparent reason.

Lobsters may come in a variety of colors besides the usual blue-green, including blue, yellow, red, and white. Some even come in two colors, having half of their shell one color and the other half a totally different color. Of these only the white ones (true albinos) don't turn red when cooked.

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Lobster Lingo learn all about Lobsters and the best Lobsters on Earth from Rhode Island Lobsters .com

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